Multi-languages plugin

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introduce multi-languages plugin to make jekyll supports multi-languages. let's see how to install and configure multi-languages plugin jekyll-polyglot.

Multi-languages plugin

Let’s see how to install and configure multi-languages plugin to make jekyll support multi-languages. There are many plugins for multi-languages but we introduce jekyll-polyglot at here.

If you wanna know other multi-languages plugin, see awesome-jekyll-plugins.

Install the plugin

  • execute below command on console for installing the plugin.
gem install jekyll-polyglot
  • configure below options on _config.yml file.
  - jekyll-polyglot

Plugin global settings

configure below options on _config.yml file.

languages: ['ja', 'ko', 'en']
default_lang: 'ja'
exclude_from_localization: ['javascript', 'images', 'css']
parallel_localization: false
  • languages: these are multi-languages list which support on the site.
  • default_lang: Default languages in supported multi-languages.
  • exclude_from_localization: excluded folder list which you don’t want to localize.
  • parallel_localization: when this is set true, jekyll will compile parallely using fork(). Windows OS doesn’t support fork() so must set false.

Page settings

  • Try to make below folder structure under the _posts folder.
|-- _posts
|   |-- 2018-09-19-multi-languages-plugin
|   |   |-- common
|   |   |   |--
|   |   |--
|   |   |--
|   |   |--
  • 2018-09-19-multi-languages-plugin: make the folder which is set same post name under the _posts folder for managment.
  • common: save common files which multi-languages file use. For example, the directory structure which you see now on, write to and use {% include_relative common/ %} on multi-languages files for displaying it.
  • 2018-09-19-multi-languages-plugin-[language].md: make each multi-languages pages per languages configurations in _config.yml.
  • set specific page language at the top of each language pages.
layout: 'post'
lang: 'en'

Check it out

We finished to set every configurations. Let’s check each page languages.

  • You can access pages created by plugins via below URL.
  • The page which is set default_lang in _config.yml file can be acceessed directly by http://site_url/path.
  • The other pages except default_lang can be accessed by http://site_url/[언어]/path.
  • You can see multi-languages folders in _site folder after executing jekyll test server or building the site.
    • Execute jekyll test server: bundle exec jekyll serve
    • Build jekyll site: bundle exec jekyll build

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