Display Display number of visitors via HITS

2020-12-16 hit count image

Let's see how to display visitors count in the static web site by HITS.


I use Jekyll and GitHub to write this blog post. I was looking for a way to display the number of visitors on the static site like this, and I found HITS project.

What is HITS

HITS is originally the project to show visitors count for GitHub project.

How to show number of visitors via HITS - HITS for github

To use HITS, visit the site below,

You can see the screen like below.

How to show number of visitors via HITS - HITS service

On above screen, when you insert username and repo/project of GitHub,

How to show number of visitors via HITS - username, repo/project

You can get the URL like below.


If you insert this link to README on Github, you can display visitors count.

  • Visitors count: HitCount

If you refresh, you can see the number is changed dynamically.

Jekyll blog

I use HITS to show the number of visitors on Jekyll blog.

How to show number of visitors via HITS - hits on jekyll

To show visitors count like above, I use the code below on _layouts/post.html.

<img style="width: inherit;" src="http://hits.dwyl.com/dev-yakuza.github.io{{ page.url }}.svg" alt="hit count image"/>


If you use Jekyll, or static site generators for the blog, how about using HITS to show visitors count on the site?

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