This is a journal about creating applications with Flutter. I'll share about how to use Dart and how to make the app with Flutter.

[Flutter] Keep screen awake

Let's see how to keep the screen awake when the Flutter app is active or when a user uses some features by using the wakelock package.
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[Flutter] Inline if statment and inline loop in widet

Let's see how to use the inline if statement to decide to display widgets and how to use the inline loop to show widgets in widgets.
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[Flutter] Deploy Flutter app witn GitHub Actions and Fastlane

Let's see how to deploy the Flutter app that is configured Fastlane by using GitHub Actions.
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[Flutter] Deploy with Fastlane automatically

Let's see how to deploy the app that is developed by Flutter with Fastlane automatically.
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[Flutter] VSCode configuration

Let's see some helpful configurations of VSCode when developing the app by Flutter.
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[Flutter] flutter_colorpicker

Let's see how to use flutter_colorpicker to help users choose the color easily in Flutter.
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[Flutter] Test coverage

Let's see how to create the test coverage and check where the test code doesn't cover via the test coverage in Flutter.
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[Flutter] GitHub Dependabot

Let's see how to use GitHub Dependabot to check the versions of the packages used in the Flutter project, and if there is a new version, create a Pull request automatically.
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[Flutter] GitHub Actions for checking code

Let's see how to use GitHub Actions to execute Flutter Linter to check the code style and execute the test code to check the code has issues in Flutter.
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[Flutter] How to use cookie with webview_flutter

Let's see how to use cookie in the webview that is shown by webview_flutter on Flutter.
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[Flutter] WebView

Let's see how to use webview_flutter to show the web page in the app on Flutter.
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[Flutter] Local push notification

Let's see how to use flutter_local_notifications to send push notifications at a specific date time from the user's own device on Flutter.
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